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Hitting Instruction

We believe that every hitter has a great swing inside of them. The goal of our hitting instruction is to make this swing more efficient, natural, and powerful. Working with the player’s strengths and unique motor patterns, we will increase bat speed and consistency. Working with the body, and not against it, will also reduce strain and decrease the risk of injury.

We teach our students, quite simply, to hit the ball hard. Hit not just to make contact, but to drive the ball to centerfield and gap to gap. No matter the size of the hitter. Use your whole body to build power from the ground up. A powerful swing is a biomechanically efficient swing. It feels smooth and natural. Using knowledge of how the body moves, we will help you utilize your body’s strengths to discover the best swing for you.

Please contact Dan Wells for Rates & Availability
Phone: 830-515-0981


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The goal of Dan Wells is to provide catching instruction to catchers who love the position and who have aspirations of reaching their full potential as catchers within the great game of baseball.  Our drive is to give catchers the best opportunity to reach that next level that is before them.

We will train the many unique skills that make catching the most difficult position to perform on the diamond.  Our objectives and drills are challenging to each players’ ability level in many areas,  starting with the fundamentals, then progressing through advanced skills as consistency increases.

Please contact Dan Wells for Rates & Availability.
Phone: 830-515-0981

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